Human Resources

Forms and Documents

Change of Payroll Notice

Used for

Pay plan, and employment changes within the company. If you have any questions on how this works please contact Tonya DeLarosa

Dealer Trade Form

Used for

Dealer to Dealer Swap / Outright Purchase

PNC Bank Form

Used for

Finance Department: when customer finances from PNC Bank

Absentee Report

Used for

absent employee

Developmental Counseling Form

used for

Evaluation of employee. This is best when used for a "paper trail" of the employee actions, both good and bad.

Employee Appraisal

Used for

another method of employee evaluation

Employee Disciplinary Report

Used for

reporting on disiplinary actions, and negative evaluation

Request for Vacation Form

This Form

Must be Filled out by management and approved no later than 30 Days prior to time requested.

Employee Injury Report Form

This form

Must be filled out in any instance of incident.

Exit Interview

This form

must be filled out upon any seperation of employee from the company, in any situation. This is used to help us out as a growing company, gather data to become better at everything we do.